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Performance Data

Elite athletes seeking improvement in their athletic performance and capabilities must have a mechanism to capture their specific personal perfomance data, track performance improvements longitudinally over time, and compare personal performance against specific benchmarks such as other athletes in their respective Level group or team.  This information provides strong correlative information about the athletes strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement, and performance areas that need to be addressed through performance training.

After reviewing your perfomance data, we strongly encourage the athlete to contact us to discuss your performance, recommended areas for improvement, and our programs and services that match with your needs and requirements.

You may access your performance data by clicking on the link below, following the instructions as listed. 



Home Page:
Once logged in, you will be on the Home Page.  The panel to the left gives you a snapshot of your performance on our Standard Athletic tests (Cooper Scale Sit-and-Reach; Vertical Jump; Broad Jump; 40 YD, Pro Agility, 300 Yd Shuttle).  Four our Custom Tests specific to lacrosse, click on "Assigned" tests radio button on the Home Page to see all test results from the Combine (i.e. Illinois, Body Comp, 1 RM Bench).  Follow this logic for all pages including Profile, Goals and Reports.

For each Level of athlete there is an Elite Expectation line (EXP).  This is the minimum value that should be achieved (for athletes on that level) on a specific test to attract potential colleges and universities.  Use the “SEE ALL” Button to view the Elite Expectation Line (EXP), if not immediately visible.

Opening the “Compare Your Performance” section:
Opening this panel allows you to compare your performance against the defined aggregate group.  To see how your performance in the selected test is compared to those in Level 2, click on Fire radio button, and change the Level drop down window to Level 2, then click Update.  The chart will display the aggregate comparison point .

Opening the “Compare Your Team Performance” section:
This panel allows you to compare the aggregate data for your team against the aggregate data for another team or group which has performance data in the application/database.  (i.e. to compare TB Fire’s 40 YD dash time to Avon’s Grove Football 40 YD dash time, select 40 YD under Speed tab, change the second column to Delaware, Wilmington, Football, Avon Grove High Scholl.  Click update.  If comparison data is not immediately visible, click the “SEE ALL” button on the graph.  If comparison data is still not visible, it may not exist).

My Info:
Provides standard name, address and contact information.  Login Password can be altered here.  Current Group Assignment and Training package information is also presented.

Gives immediate snap shot of all performance test results.  Click on Assigned Tests to view all custom tests.  Profile report can be printed via pdf.

Allows creation of individual performance goals fro every test on a single page.  Also provides chart of recent accomplishments against the goals set.

Allows creation of individual and team performance assessments as well as group and individual comparison reports for a fixed or custom time frame.

Allows client to keep notes on their performance training experience.  All notes are date and time stamped.  They are historically filed and are retrievable via key word searching.

Workouts and Nutrition:

Tabs will be released soon!