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Len Zaichkowsky, Ph.D.


Past President, AASP

Fellow of the American Psychological Association

Professor: Boston University


As a long time practicing performance psychologist and sport scientist, it is my pleasure to endorse the personal qualifications of Vince Lodato, and his National Sports Performance Institute.  Vince has implemented a scientifically sound perceptual-cognitive-motor training “gym” to assess and train mind-body skills to athletes at all levels of development.  His use of technology such as the “Neurotracker” is based on recent neuroscience research and is evidence-based.  As such athletes can now develop important skills such as multiple object tracking, concentration/focus skills, skills to cope with distractions, visual processing speed, and high-speed decision making.  We need more of these outstanding “train the brain” centers to maximize athlete skill development.

Ohrion Johnson: Sports Performance Coach, Former Ohio State Football Player

Ohrion Johnson Testimonial

Nick Mancuso: Strength and Conditioning Coach at Blitz Training NY


"Vince and his staff left me blown away from the moment I entered his performance lab. I was blessed to watch dozens of athletes advance their mental skills each and every day. The simplicity of such intricate tools was shocking- athletes of all ages and skill levels can learn and manage every piece to its fullest potential. Mental strength and wellness is such a lacking puzzle piece in sports today. Vince not only instilled such critical missing elements, but most importantly, helped transfer these techniques onto the playing field. This is the real deal for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge against his or her opposition!"

Declan Farmer: HS Junior, USA Olympic Gold Medalist, ESPY Award Winner


"The Neurotracker has greatly improved the mental and visual aspects of my game. The 3-D tracking system specifically benefitted my peripheral vision and reaction time. I have seen a noticeable difference in those skills over the past two seasons using the Neurotracker."

Brendan Rivera: High Point University Sophomore, Baseball


"The Mind/Vision Lab helped me drastically when in came to recognizing pitches faster and easier."

Kyle Langiotti: HS Junior, Baseball


"The Neurotracker helps me keep focus on my task at hand. For example, catching the ball from the pitcher may be easy, but if my eyes move away from the ball for even a fraction of a second, I'll miss it. Therefore, the Neurotracker is important for me and my sport."

Michael Palaez: HS Sophomore, Baseball


"Neurotracker helped my game. Not only at the plate but also in the field. I recognized pitches better and received balls at first base better. Neurotracker is great!"

Sal Lumia: HS Sophomore, Baseball


"The Neurotracker has significantly improved my game. After just a few weeks of using it I saw results. Now that I have been doing it for a year it has COMPLETELY changed how I play."

Andrew Moss: HS Junior, Football


"The Neurotracker has helped me see that field better and has helped my field of vision as well as focus on a single spot."

Eva Stahlschmidt: HS Lacrosse


"The Neurotracker has helped me with my hand-eye coordination."

Kaelee Lawless: HS Lacrosse


"As a goalie, Neurotracker helps me track the ball on the field and focus when a player takes a shot."

Camryn Wineinger: 8th Grade Softball


"I think that the Neurotracker helps me because it helps me track the ball. The rotating wheel especially helps me pick up the spin on the ball coming out of the pitcher's hand while I'm catching and hitting."

Molly Ayala: HS Sophomore, Softball and Volleyball


"Honestly, the Neurotracker really sped up my reaction time on the court or on the field. It's almost like every time you do the Neurotracker you're trying to beat yourself so it's a competition with your own mind. The Neurotracker and the rotating wheel are the two things that helped me the most because it really worked one of the biggest problems I have in both of my sports. Now I'm diving all over the court and my coaches took notice so I plan on getting farther with my game thanks to the Neurotracker."

Madison Sroufe: Cornell University Freshman, Volleyball


"I liked the challenge of focus I got with training with the Neurotracker and how it pushed me to keep a high mental focus through fatigue which really helps during games"

Tyler Sroufe: HS Junior, Volleyball


"The Neurotracker has helped me focus during games and has improved my peripheral vision. I highly recommend it to all athletes!"

Parents Grateful for Coach Lodato's Intervention


Dear Vince;

From the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you!  48 hours ago I sat bewildered with what I was going to say to my son.  As I continued to watch the game, I became even more frustrated with his performance and the performance of the team I was witnessing.  I stopped cheering , even my motivation was gone!  So I sat back and began to reflect .

As an educator I always feel it's my responsibility to try make a difference in every child's life.  So I began to think of what could I do, what could we do and you came to mind.  Within a short time you were committed to embracing the lives of 31 young men with a common goal of lacrosse.  Twenty-four hours later you arrived.  I cannot begin to tell you how much that evening meant to not only the Dlugozima family, but the entire Wingate University Lacrosse Family.

What you taught them in that brief intervention will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  They came away with a fantastic win this evening, but moreover, the life lessons they learned from you, will help them way beyond the sport of lacrosse.  This was evident in tonight's performance as well as the many discussions we heard embracing, and utilizing the various aspects of your presentation.  Not only did they listen but they got it and were applying it already.  A true testiment to the impact you had and our deepest gratitude for making a world of difference in the lives of not just 31, but an entire extended lacrosse family. Thank you,

The Dlugozima Family