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Individual Consulting

Evaluation Description Price
Tour and Demonstrationof Mental and Vision Performance Lab An NSPI staff member will give an interactive tour of the lab and its components. Includes a free trial of the Neurotracker and any other mental and vision training modalities offered. FREE with Baseline Athleticism Evaluation
Nine Mental Skills of Successful Athletes A self-assessment that your athlete completes in order to determine where the athlete stands in 9 various skill sets including attitude, motivation, people skills, etc. Also includes scoring and FREE with Baseline Athleticism Evaluation
Baseline Athleticism Tests your athlete's acceleration, top speed, agility, power, and anthropometric measures (body fat %). Also includes a frame-by-frame slow motion video analysis of sprint mechanics. $30
1 Hour Assessment A 1 hour session with Vincent A. Lodato, LCSW, CC-AASP. This assessment will….. $125
1 Hour Clinical Session A 1 hour clinical session with Vince. Schedule a session with to address any concerns regarding your sport mentality. $110
16PF Questionnaire Examines the 16 variables in human personality traits. The test is 164 questions long and will highlight any areas of sports mentality that should be addressed. This questionnaire is used by many professional scouts. The fee includes the administration and scoring of the questionnaire, as well as feedback and reccommendations from Vince. $175
Online Curriculum **Online Curriculum enables athletes to take advantage of our mental conditioning services from a long distance. If you are a long distance athlete interested in the online curriculum, contact Vince Lodato. $275

Group/Team Consulting

**Interested in online curriculum?

Contact Vince for details on long-distance or online training.