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Mental/Vision Sports Performance Lab

Mental and Vision Sports Performance Lab


We implement our mental conditioning program in the Mental and Vision Performance Laboratory on site at Cooper Sports Performance and Rehab. The following descriptions are the tools we use in our athletes' programs.

For a more detailed description of the ideals of this program, click 'Program' to the right of this page.



  • Most popular mental performance tool
  • Multiple object tracking
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Sport-specific
  • Periodized mental training program


For more information about the Neurotracker, click here:

Rotating Wheel


  • Second most popular tool in our performance lab
  • Athlete is instructed to locate letters and numbers as the wheel rotates at adjustable speeds
  • Improves dynamic visual acuity
  • Helps the athlete track moving objects coming towards them (such as a ball, puck, or opponent)

Eye Metrix


  • Improve visual memory
  • Process, organize, and retrieve information quickly
  • Make decisions faster
  • Remember what you see on the field 

Brock Strings


  • Improve binocular fixation and depth perception
  • Track objects
  • Read ball better in a game setting 
  • See objects exactly where they are in relation to other players on the field

Near/Far Accomodation


  • Improve refractive power of the lenses in the eyes for better focus
  • See clearly at different distances while tracking objects coming towards you 
  • By quickly transitioning from near to far, the athlete learns to see an approaching object more clearly

Concentration Trainer


  • Improve alertness, concentration, and focus
  • Athletes learn how to maintain concentration for longer periods of time 
  • Helps eliminate mistakes during a game due to outside distractions