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10/30/2013, 10:00am EDT
By Sara Sullivan, MS, ATC, LAT

NeuroTracker Testing


NSPI has officially joined with NeuroSport Performance to start the first NeuroTracker study on baseball and softball players. Utilizing the number of athletes training at the Cooper Sport Performance and our Mental and Vision Lab, the study will consist of baseball and softball players from age 16 to the profressional level. The program has launched this past week, and we are off to a great start with athletes starting the NeuroTracker program.

The NeuroTracker is a computer based exercise that helps athletes train their focus and concentration abilities. This program has been used in soccer, rugby, and football. This is a very exciting time for baseball and softball, and we are hoping this training will prove to be beneficial on the field. We have been chosen to be the satelite for all baseball and softball research in regards to the effectiveness of the NeuroTracker training.

Juraj Simek, a professional Swedish hockey player, is using the Neurotracker specific to his sport. He is using the program while on an ice-simulating slideboard.

Paul Houston, high school baseball player, using the Neurotraker. He is attending to multiple objects while maintaining a focused and relaxed state.

Our athletes use the Neurotracker to maintain balance, proprioception, and make postural adjustments while focusing under pressure.

Kaele, high school lacrosse, using the Neurotracker to prepare her to focus as a goalie. 

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